• We use technology to help you better teach and learn
    We use technology to help you better teach and learn
  • Education technology solutions design and development
    Education technology solutions design and development
  • Knowledge Management Solutions and Services
    Knowledge Management Solutions and Services


Education technology solutions and services improving learners' and trainers' engagement and results


ITISS Edu is an education technology provider founded in 2016 with the aim to improve the quality of education and professional training in Africa through technology, by providing customized services and solutions to companies, schools, and individuals.


Indeed, we firmly believe that quality education is essential to the sustainable development of Africa, and that building an efficient and cost-effective training culture in our companies is a necessity today. Thanks to the extensive experience of our experts in IT and education fields, we are qualified to improve productivity and success of our customers by enabling them with technology to focus on their training or learning more efficiently and profitably.


The extensive experience of our experts in IT and training fields qualifies us to put the best of both worlds at the service of our clients' productivity and success. Our solutions and services allow them to focus on their teaching/learning concerns in a much more efficient and cost effective way.






Increase your productivity and stand out thanks to our training sessions in IT, marketing, management and project management.


Our courses are taught by industry and certified experts following an innovative practical hand-on methodology. We guarantee you the best results.


Our certifying courses include Microsoft Office, Project, Windows Server, Visual Studio, etc. Our course library also includes the Ocean blue strategy, SCRUM, How to build a webmarketing strategy, Google Analytics, Community management and social networks, etc.





Are you an institution offering quality classroom training inside or outside your organization? Take the digital learning and e-learning steps to widen your audience and increase your training cost-effectiveness.


Your training experience and content, our learning and IT consultants, and our rapid authoring tools allow us to help you develop effective digital and/or online courses for multi-device delivery and uniform viewing experience on varied mobile operating systems.






If you intend to upgrade your educational methods, open your students' mindset and enhance their ability to use IT and internet tools to develop and improve their knowledge, you need to start by their teachers.


With our educational and IT field experience, we are the right team to give your teachers the appropriate training to be up-to-date concerning how to make the best use of technology to improve learners' engagement and results.







Kebisu is a web interactive tutoring platform for schools, families and students, that can be used with or without an Internet connection.


With nearly 10,000 course outlines, and interactive corrected multimedia exercises and tests designed by teachers from the National Education system and compliant with the Cameroonian official program: learning, training, teaching, assessing and self-evaluating become a pleasure.


Moreover, thanks to its customized collaboration and monitoring tools, Kebisu efficiently connects parents, students and teachers. READ MORE ABOUT Kebisu






ITISS Edu provides web and mobile solutions tailored for your school's specific needs. Our school management suite will help you optimize your school's administration, save time to focus on pedagogy, and connect teachers, parents and students.


Our school management suite includes a school administration web software and a web library management system.




ITISS Knowledge Management Suite


Learning and sharing knowledge is part of any successful formal or informal corporate R&D strategy. ITISS Knowledge Management Suite provides the necessary tools to optimize the way your technical team members store, publish and share documents and information.


Our web solution also allows your team to capitalize its troubleshooting experience accross time and manage its turnover through the logging and sharing of issues encountered and how they were solved. You will decrease your training costs while increasing your operational productivity and efficiency.